Introducing Digital Gold

Invest In Real Gold
At Digital Speed

Digital Gold™ combines the stability of physical gold with security, speed, and low-cost.

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“An absolute must if you believe in the power of physical commodities and the blockchain”
James McCullen Nord Trust

What Is Digital Gold

Digital Gold is a cost-effective, convenient, and secure way to invest in physical gold using digital speed.

Gold is a universally-recognized means for investors to preserve wealth and protect against financial calamity including inflation, currency fluctuation, market collapse, and societal unrest. However gold is expensive to purchase, transfer, and store.

With Digital Gold, you receive the stability and wealth preservation of physical gold and and cost-efficiencies and speed of technology.

Why You Need Digital Gold In Your Portfolio Today

Real Gold

Customers purchase real Gold American Eagle and Silver American Eagle produced by the US Mint.

Leading Security

Gold purchases are stored in BitGo’s industry-leading offline, digital, multi-signature cold-storage wallets.

Digital Speed

Secure and speedy technology ensures that your transaction can be processed in just a few minutes.

Zero Holding Costs

There are no additional holding costs for storing your gold transaction in your BitGo®️ wallet.

Ease of Trading

Speak with our specialists to walk you through your gold purchase.

Full-insurance Coverage

Your investment is covered by a $1 Billion all-risk insurance policy from our depository.

How Does It Work?

With Digital Gold, customers buy real gold which is processed using secure technology and stored in BitGo’s industry-leading, offline, digital, multi-signature cold-storage wallets.